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‘Conquer’ the toughest jobs with these top-flight machines

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Kut-Rite Manufacturing offers one of the finest lines of American-made grinding and/or planetary polishing machines in the industry in the form of its innovative Conquer series. Made up of the Conquer20 (two models), Conquer25, Conquer25 LP, Conquer30, Conquer30 LP, Conquer Twin and the all-new Conquer20 SS, Kut-Rite offers anything that anyone could ask for in the concrete grinding and/or polishing business.

This series offers machines with grinding and/or polishing paths ranging from 20 to 42 inches (20, 22, 25, 30 and 42). In addition, the series offers two the most environmentally friendly devices in the form of the Conquer25 LP and the Conquer30 LP, propane-driven grinder/polishers created through a partnership between Kut-Rite and Onyx Environmental Solutions.

The entire line of Conquer products also gives the contractor the best “edge” in the business. The series of grinder/polishers represent the best in edging, finishing floors just a 1/8-inch from the walls.

The Conquer series not only represents the best in industrial technology and variety, but features three unique systems aimed at ease-of-use – which translates into cost and time savings on the user’s end. The entire series of grinders and polishers possesses Kut-Rite’s Belt-Drive System, Quick Disconnect (QD) Tooling and Tilt-Back Bowl design.

Kut-Rite Manufacturing’s cutting-edge features throughout the Conquer series offer the contractor extremely fast repair and tool removal and insertion. Kut-Rite’s better technology leads directly to fewer delays, lower labor costs and longer tool life.

These machines are all American-designed and American-made in the Motor City.