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Turn to KutRite Huntington replacement cutters and other products to fit your industrial grinding dresser needs

With KutRite’s nearly seven decades of experience in the grinding wheel dresser and cutter market and by supplying large-end users like foundries, spring companies and other manufacturers we have learned which dressing tools offer the largest versatility in wheel dressing.

And when it comes to economy, versatility and accuracy in a mechanical type dresser, there is nothing that can beat the tried and true Huntington Dresser. Our focus, as always, is on the quality of the tools we produce, rather than the complexity. Our dresser cutters are milled from high carbon steel, producing a sharp edge and stout body on each tooth, for maximum efficiency and tool life. Our dresser cutters are heat treated to the most stringent specifications and all components are manufactured at our facility in Romulus, MI, USA.

Some examples:

Heavy Duty Dresser Cutter Assemblies: KutRite offers the No. 22 Hooded Huntington Dresser as an alternative to costly ball bearing dressers.
Blanchard Grinder Dressers: KutRite’s No. 1 Huntington and No. 2 Huntington fit most standard Blanchard Grinder dresser heads.
Drill and hand grinder–type removal tools: Check with your KutRite representative for replacement options. We have an entire product line built around removal and surface preparation.

Ask us what we can recommend to replace your expensive proprietary tools. We can save you money without sacrificing quality.