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The KleanRite™ RF32 features 220-volt, 3400-watt power with a maximum airflow of 550 cubic feet per minute and water lift of 110 inches. It is ideally paired with Kut-Rite’s Conquer25, Conquer25LP, Conquer30, Conquer30 LP and Conquer Twin grinding and/or polishing units or the KR10, KR13 and TKO-2513 Scarifiers.

The KleanRite™ Reverse Flow (RF) vacuum systems are capable of maintaining constant suction and impressive water lift, creating the best combination of consistent power, filtration and work consistency. In the reverse flow system, the cartridge filters are sequentially pulsed with a burst of air from the blower exhaust chamber every 7 seconds. This self-cleaning process ejects all dust and debris from the surface of the filter, allowing for a continuous flow of air and no loss of suction.

In addition, the entire Kut-Rite reverse flow line includes Ultra-Web Filters’ technology. Ultra-Web Filters outperform and outlast other filters on the market today. Ultra-Web’s nanofiber filter media – a high performance alternative to commodity-type filter media that captures submicron dust particles on the surface of the media – represents the industry’s cutting-edge industrial design. By keeping more particles on the surface of the filter, Ultra-Web Filters allows the reverse-flow action to perform at top capacity.

Other features of the reverse flow system are one-of-a-kind debris removal valve that makes the vacuums easier and safer to use; an ergonomic dolly system with locking casters; aluminum construction that eliminates corrosion and reduces weight; innovative electrical protection; spacious design for effortless maintenance; and one-year warranty.