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Scarifiers: The most aggressive form of surface removal

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When it comes to the removal of general markings, pavement markings, inlay marks, trip hazards and rubber, Kut-Rite offers 65 years of experience and an entire line of scarifiers. Scarifying units, also called planers or milling machines, use a pummeling action of multi-tipped cutting wheels rotating at high speeds to “chip away” at the surface. A variety of interchangeable cutting wheels and drums allow scarifiers to perform a broad range of profiling tasks. Kut-Rite offers different styles of interchangeable assemblies to achieve the finish any contractor seeks.

KutRite offers the full range of machines in cutting-path widths from 6 to 13 inches. The KR6, KR8HD, KR10, KR13, and the TKO-2513 scarifier attachment, the most powerful machine in its class, make up the KutRite line. These scarifiers and their accessories offer fast surface preparation, heavy removal of concrete, asphalt, thermoplastic lines, paints, coatings, trowel marks, curled joints, sidewalk trip hazards and the like. They are ideal for general roadwork – and might even be the best option yet to remove rubber from busy airport runways.

The KutRite scarifiers are equipped with vacuum ports to collect dust and debris and ideally connect to KleanRite™ vacuums.

KutRite offers Carbide, Full Face, Milling and Steel cutters. The cutting wheels are mounted on shafts on a removable drum. The manufacturer offers a full line of scarifier drums and shafts (along with Truck Mounted Scarifier Drums), which can also be used on most OEM scarifier equipment on the market today.

The Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) Scarifier Cutters are equipped for extreme grinding, leveling, grooving, cleaning and general surface preparation. The standard carbide unit is a very aggressive cutter designed for removing material such as pavement markings, epoxy coatings and waterproofing membranes.

Full Face carbide cutters will provide a surface like no other cutter available in the industry, incorporating three times the amount of carbide than the standard carbide-tipped cutters and offering Kut-Rite’s patent-pending Key-Lock system. Utilize the Full Face cutter for pavement marking removal including thermoplastic, epoxy and paint and note that it allows for 100 percent removal with minimal damage to the substrate.

The Milling Scarifier Cutters focus on removing thick and soft materials such as mastic, thermoplastic, waterproofing membranes, cold plastic coatings, glues and the like. They leave the surface smooth and ready for preparation.

Steel Cutters are the most economical tools in the market, and leave a long-lasting smooth finish. They are ideally used on lighter preparation work while getting ready for coating applications or removal of surface materials like carpet foam backing, adhesives, mastics, glues, rust from steel decks and some thin mill coatings.